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Data Policy


Please be aware that data on this website are research products and are provided "as is". Although we make every effort to ensure the quality and accuracy of these data, we cannot be responsible for its use (or misrepresentation).

Our intention is to share our data as freely as possible with the interested public and marine research community so as to maximize its utility and exposure. We do however, place the following restrictions on the use of our data:

  1. Any reproduction or use for any purpose (articles, presentations, publications) must acknowledge the data source (School of Marine Sciences, University of Maine).

  2. All SeaWiFS images are provided as a courtesy to SODL collaborators and properly registered NASA SeaWiFS investigators. Any use of these images must abide by the SeaWiFS Data Policy. As a general rule, these images cannot be used publicly (newspaper, flyers, etc.) without permission from ORBIMAGE.