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Ryan, Andy, Bri and Andre

Pictures from Previous Years

Contact and Additional Information:
(Phone Area Code: 207)
(Number: 581-4335)

Name Phone
Dr. Andrew Thomas
Andre Bucci
(Graduate Student)
Previous Staff & Students  
Ryan Weatherbee (Research Associate: 1998-2016)
Now at U Maine Office of Institutional Research and Assessment
Brianna King
(Graduate Student: 2016-2018)
Kerstin Cullen (Graduate Student: 2011-2014)
Now at Oregon State University
Nicholas Foukal (Graduate Student: 2011-2013)
Now at Duke University
Dr. Peter Brickley (Research Associate: 2000-2009)
Now at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Dr. Stephanie Henson (Post-Doc Researcher: 2006-2007)
Now at National Oceanography Center, University of Southampton, UK
Dr. SeungHyun Son (Post-Doc Researcher: 2005-2007)
Now at NOAA, Center of Satellite Applications & Research
Mahima Jaini (Graduate Student: 2009-2011)
Now at SEAmester
Christopher Proctor (Graduate Student: 2005-2008)
Now at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Ocean Color Program
Dr. Kasey Legaard (Graduate Student: 2001-2003)
Now at University of Maine, School of Forest Resources
Dr. Jennifer Bosch (Graduate Student: 2000-2002)
Now at NOAA
Remy (Luerssen) Pangle (Graduate Student: 1999-2001)
Now at Virginia Center for Wind Energy, James Madison University
Heidi Franklin (Research Associate: 1997-1999)