Ryan Weatherbee

Research Associate

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Hi - thanks for checking out my corner of our website.  I am Dr. Thomas' Research Associate here at the Satellite Oceanography Lab.  I was originally hired to manage the GIS component of a collaborative project collecting various oceanographic data in Penobscot Bay, Maine.  However, over time, I have branched out and am now responsible for collection, management and analysis of a variety of remote sensing and other data products used in our research.  These products include time series of satellite imagery (SeaWiFS and MODIS chlorophyll, and AVHRR Sea-Surface Temperature), buoy data, NAO Indices and anything else that is required for research we are conducting (lobster densities for instance). 

The following poster (presented at the Eastern Pacific Oceanography Conference (EPOC)) is an example of the sort of research I do here at the Satellite Oceanography Lab.  Click on the image below to load a high-resolution version (~1.3 Mb).


Columbia River poster