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Funding for data acquisition and processing provided by NERACOOS.

Gulf of Maine Sea Surface Temperature imagery are presented here for each NOAA satellite pass over the Gulf of Maine.  Temperatures are reported in degrees Celcius and Farenheit, with black indicating areas where no data were available (typically due to obstruction by cloud cover). Please select the Location, Year and Month to retrieve a thumbnail listing of available images.  Clicking on a thumbnail will display the full size image. Monthly composites of the MCSST data are now available. To view, select 'MONTHLY COMPOSITES' under the 'Select Month' dropdown menu. Clouds and land are white and temperatures are given in Celcius in these composites. NOTE: The scaling on the SST imagery changed as of January 1, 2003. Please see the Georeferencing informaiton link at the bottom of the Image Library page for more information. In addition, we have switched from using the MCSST to the Non-Linear SST (NLSST) algorithm as of Jan. 1, 2003. This library is updated monthly.